UHP graphite electrode
Graphite electrode is made from the petroleum coke and high quality imported needle coke. Grade: Regular Power(RP), High Power(HP), Super High Power(SHP), Ultra High Power(UHP) . Diameter: 75 mm to700mm . Length: 1800 to 2700mm. Characteris...
steel drum
Volume: 60L- 208L Thickness: 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm Materil: stailess steel UN proved...
Category: double side PVC coated keder, one side PVC coated keder for tent Material: Panama clothsingle-sided knife scraping coated cloth. Products advantage: strong adhesion good saturation high strength good waterproof performance, corr...
steel drums
Material: Cold Rolled Steel(CRS) Usage:packaging for chemical, pharmaceutical, lubricating oil and food Type: barrel Volumn: 20-220L Wall thickness: 0.2-1.5mm Open/closed head Color:blue/red/yellow/white/mix etc...
RP HP UHP Graphite Electrode fo
Grade:UHP Diameter:300-600mm Length:1800-2400mm Items Unit Nominal Diameter(mm) 300-400 450-600 Specific Resistance (not over) Electrode .m 5.5 5.8 Nipple 4 4 Bending Strength (not below) Electrode Mpa 10.5 10.5 Nipple 16 16 Elastic Modulus...
High Pure Vibrated/Extruded/Mol
Typical Sizes of PSK (vibrated graphite block): 400*400*1800 mm, 500*500*1800 mm or as your requirements. Typical Specifications of PSK: Item Unit grade PSK1 PSK2 Max grain size mm 8 8 Bulk density g/cm 3 1.56 1.68 Specific resistance .m 12...
High Pure Graphite Pipe High Pu
Applications: Inert gases such as nitrogen, argon, etc. Are injected into the molten metal through fluxing tubes for dehydrogenation Properties: 1)High strength, hige hardness. 2)Good heat-resistance, low porosity. 3)Anti-abrasion, anti-sco...
Insulating ABS/PP/PPO Edge Str
We offer high-performance customize cathode edge strips for copper/zinc/manganese/gold/silver electrowinning worldwide. We manufacture edge strips in ABS, PP, PPO and other plastics material. Through two years research and development in 20...
Graffie Import and Export (Dalian) Co., Ltd.
Graffie Import And Export (Dalian) Co., Ltd. was established in 2010. Our business mainly covers graphite products, cathode plate , edge strip, steel drum and other metallurgical products used in steel making and copper smelting industry.
We build the a production line of machining shops for machining the graphite parts . Now we have lathes, millers, grinders and CNC; we could machine the special parts according to the customers' drawing and market.
We also specialized in edge strip which is used on cathode plate in copper/zinc/manganese/gold/silver electro-winning plant. Our edge strip has three advantage. The edge strip is easy installed; the end cap does not fall off; the working life 1.5 times than others.
We are also focus on steel drum with UN proved. They are widely used in pharmaceutical, daily chemicals, medical equipment, packaging for logistics and other fields.
Our goals are
To develop the company in many areas with constant enhancement of the efficiency and lowering the operational cost. We adapt the following strategies:
1) keep selecting elite from the HR pool and give them the chance to develop their career path at Graffie;
2) offer new forms of business partnership to give customers more choose;
3) delegation of authority to the managers.
"Honesty, equity, and customer' satisfaction" is Graffie promise to their customers. Let's hand in hand to a better future!
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